Geodata Infrastructure

Geodata Infrastructure in Saxony-Anhalt

The GDI-LSA project supports the development of a geodata portal in Saxony-Anhalt, collection of local geodata and subsequent development of a geodatabase.

Geodata Portal

The web-based portal, featuring relevant, locally stored data will be an important part of the state's geodata infrastructure. An abundance of valuable information on a range of interdisciplinary topcis offers not only opportunities for research, but also details about local authority services for both citizens and civil servants. On behalf of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, we assisted in the development of the geodata portal.

Survey of local Geodata

Through this pilot project, we advised selected local authorities and institutions in Saxony-Anhalt in their survey of existing geodata. The goal was the selection of spatial information to be later included in a public access geodatabase, thereby assisting administrative decision-making processes. Using research, questionnaires and interviews, we evaluated a variety of geodata, thus providing a foundation for the geodatabase.


An expandable geodatabase, providing basic as well as specialist data is necessary for Saxony-Anhalt. The survey results allowed us to develop a dynamic, web-based service giving both administrative authorities and the public qick and easy access to geodata. All data can be accessed via the geodata portal. This geodatabase also creates the foundation for a national geodata infrastructure.